Yanukovitch is still shocked with betraying actions of EU leaders

Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yanukovich believes that the European leaders, who put their signatures, as guarantors, under his agreement with the opposition, deceived him in February 2014.

«I was deceived and betrayed, or as ‘sophisticated’ Ukrainian politicians would say, I was ‘dumped like a hot potato’,» Yanukovich said at a news conference on Wednesday.

«On February 21, they signed that agreement but on the very same day armed thugs began seizing the presidential residence and governmental buildings. The next day, European countries approved that,» he said.

«They bear the responsibility. Nobody has lifted it from them and nobody will do it,» he stressed. «I want them to provide a public answer [to the question] why I have been asking them many times and for many years, but I have never received a single answer from those countries, from the leaders of those countries.»



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