Ukrainian army launches 122 mm artillery strikes on Donetsk

Donetsk, Jun 19 – DAN. Ukrainian army has launched a massive artillery strike on western Donetsk early on Wednesday, the DPR Mission to the JCCC said.

“After 3 a.m. shelling on Donetsk was recorded originating from Ukrainian positions. Ovreall, 110 rounds of 122 mm caliber and 52 rounds of 120 mm caliber were fired.”

The report said that the fire originated from Maryinka area and targeted Petrovskiy district of Donetsk.

This morning, Kiev forces shelled Zhabichevo north of Donetsk and Vasilyevka outside Yasinovataya, launching 14 rounds of 120 mm caliber and also firing grenade launcher rounds and using small arms.*ot


House catches fire as Kiev forces shell Dokuchayevsk outskirts – DPR militia

House, petrol station in southern DPR damaged in Kiev forces’ overnight strike – JCCC

Two Donetsk civilians injured in Ukrainian attack

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