Traditions of national communities to be incorporated into self-governance law

Donetsk, May 15 – DAN. The DPR law on self-government shall incorporate traditions of national communities, said a member of the Ecology and Natural Resources committee of the People’s Council German Kadyrov.

“The development of the concept for the law on self-government shall be as open and transparent as possible. It shall be based on propositions coming from DPR residents. Local authorities should provide social and economic development of territories, paying close attention to the traditions of national communities.”

Kadyrov said he believed such policy should facilitate effective dealing with issues arising in multinational communities.

Public hearings of the propositions to the law under development took place today in Telmanovo with the participation of local administration representatives, directors of enterprises, organizations and public activists.

At the Donbass Power forum on March 5, activists of the DPR leading socio-political movement “Donetsk Republic” called for drawing and adopting a law on local self-goverenment. The DPR Head supported the initiative.*ot


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