Pushilin says DPR needs full integration with Russian educational system

Donetsk, Mar 13 – DAN. DPR Head Denis Pushilin said that the Republican educational system should be completely integrated into the Russian system.

“Our foreign policy is aimed at a comprehensive and as close as possible convergence with Russia. We have to integrate our educational system with the Russian academic space.”

He stressed the fact that the Donetsk Medical University had received Russian accreditation, meaning its educational level is high.

“Last autumn, the Donetsk Medical University received Russian accreditation. It has become ground zero for a new era of DPR education.”

The Donetsk Medical University became the first Republican university to obtain accreditation in Russian in October 2018. This year, the Donbass National Academy of Construction and Architecture applied for accreditation, while a number of other educational institutions are preparing for it. *ot*pp


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