Middle Front end developer

20000 грн. Бонусы+ премии


IT; 10–50 сотрудников
Вид занятости:
полная занятость

опыт работы от 2 лет

Описание вакансии

Due to the staff increase, abz.agency team is searching for a Middle Front-end Developer to join the team.

The abz.agency has been working in web development since 2005, offering different solutions for web industry. We work with clients from Germany, Israel, UK and the USA.

If you are the one who likes clean code, complex and interesting projects, so our experienced and friendly team is waiting for you in our office, where you will have every opportunity to work efficiently. You are going to work closely with back-end developers, QAs and other back-end specialists. Our project manager will do his best to make sure you feel comfortable working on the projects. And our corporate English tutor will contribute to your development. And, of course, we have codereview :)

Conditions of work

  • Full-time position in the office, from 8:00 to 17:00 (lunch break time is flexible);
  • Office in the heart of Donetsk (5 minutes by feet from Lenina square);
  • Company paid English lessons twice a week;
  • Comfortable working environment (2 monitors, laptop stand, external keyboard and mouse if needed). After successful probation period we provide you with the recent Macbook Pro 13″
  • Bonuses depending on work performance and professional growth.


  • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 (fixed width, adaptive and responsive layout, pixel perfect markup);
  • Experience with Twitter Bootstrap ¾ or Google Material Design;
  • Experience with at least one CSS-preprocessor (Stylus, Sass, Less) or PostCSS;
  • Photoshop or Sketch experience;
  • Knowledge of Javascript, HTML document DOM model and events;
  • Experience with Angular 2−6 or React;
  • Experience with at least one task runner (Gulp, Webpack, Grunt);
  • GIT knowledge;
  • Ability to quickly search for information in the internet («googling»);
  • Passion to continuously learn new technologies and be up to date with the technologies you already know (HTML5, Javascript, etc.);

Currently used stack of technologies

  • PHP projects: LAMP/LEMP, Laravel 5.x, Symfony 2.x/3.x;
  • NodeJS: ExpressJS, Sequelize ORM, etc.;
  • Other technologies: Memcache, Redis, Elasticsearch, Prerender.io;
  • Hosting: Digital Ocean, Heroku, Amazon AWS/Lightsail, Vscale, VPS/VDS in Hetzner datacenter (mostly test servers);
  • Local development: currently we use Vagrant + Virtualbox and experiment with Docker.

Prior to the interview, please do this test assignment https://goo.gl/gvBQB1 (send to the email [отправить резюме]). In case you have any questions, you are very welcome!** The company reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to not explain the reason for refusal and the feedback on a test task.


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