Klimkin’s resignation is part of Poroshenko’s team voluntary withdrawal – DPR Foreign Minister

Bor Recreational Facility (Moscow Region), May 17 – DAN. The resignation of Ukrainian foreign minister Pavel Klimkin is part of a series of departure of former president Petr Poroshenko’s team, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

“What we have seen lately is a parade of resignations, Irina Geraschenko announced her departure from the position of Kiev’s representative in the Minsk talks of the humanitarian subgroup, now Klimkin is leaving, following a number of other departures. We can se that Poroshenko’s team has decided to leave voluntarily. Presumably, they might want to leave the country,” she said.

“The most important quality for a foreign minister is the understanding that it is necessary to fulfill Kiev’s international obligations as far as the Minsk Agreements are concerned. The language of ultimatums and blackmailing Klimkin tried to use is unacceptable neither for a diplomat nor for a state represented by the minister.”

Earlier on Friday Klimkin announced his resignation as a foreign minister of Ukraine. He plans to submit the resignation to the Verkhovnaya Rada on the day of new president’s inauguration. *ot


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