House catches fire as Kiev forces shell Dokuchayevsk outskirts – DPR militia

Donetsk, Jun 18 – DAN. Ukrainian army units on Tuesday afternoon used incendiary ammunition to shell the Yasnoye neighbourhood in the outskirts of Dokuchayevsk; a house is on fire, the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia said.

“Today, at 14:05, Nikolay Palas’ gunmen who call themselves 35th Brigade marines, fired incendiary large calibre machine gun rounds at Yasnoye setting the house at 22 Pobeda Street on fire. The Republic’s fire-fighting teams are currently containing the fire; casualty assessment is underway,” the DPR People’s Militia reported.

Earlier reports said Ukrainian forces targeted the Republic’s customs checkpoint in the Krasny Partizan township outside Yasinovataya on Tuesday morning.*jk


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