DPR determined to protect Donbass interests till Kiev fulfills Minsk-2

Donetsk, Feb 13 – DAN. The Package of Measures to fulfil the Minsk Agreements is still valid as a unique mechanism for peace settlement even four years after the conflict broke out, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

“Four years have passed since the Package of Measures was adopted. The document is still relevant and there is still no alternative for a peace settlement. The latest meeting of the UN Security Council has proved it once again. The representative of Russia told the meeting that the Minsk process is the only road map for the search of the political settlement.”

She said the Republics have achieved some positive results such as POW exchanges and civilian infrastructure repairs, mine clearance, etc. According to the minister, the achievements are due to the “firm and unequivocal position” of the Donbass Republics at the Minsk talks.

“Nevertheless, only political decisions can grant us long-term and stable results on other directions of the Minsk talks.”

She said that if the Package of Measures was embodied in the Constitution it could have allowed renewing peaceful coexistence with Ukraine.

“We are determined to defend the interests of the Republics, it is our priority,” Nikonorova said.
The peaceful settlement of the Donbas crises is based on the Minsk Agreements dated 5 September 2014 and, followed by the 19 September 2014 Memorandum on the ceasefire implementation. On 12 February 2015 the negotiators signed the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements; it sets forth immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in effect from 15 February 2015; withdrawal of heavy weapons, establishment of a security zone; discussion of modalities of resuming social payments in Donbass; a constitutional reform in Ukraine aimed at a deep decentralization of the state’s system of government. *ot


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